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Great game but...

Great game that I've played for years. It's something that's fun when you get into the groove. But recently you added bonus squares and I just wanted to suggest being able to turn them off in the settings.


Omg yes! I still play this game to this day. I though y'all forgot about this app. Glad to see an update. A long over due update I'd like to complain about the volume, though. There's no adjusting it, if you turn the volume down on your phone, it has no affect. It stays very loud. Putting my phone on vibrate turns he sound effect off, but sometimes I want to hear it, just not so loud. Hope there's an update for this

great game

easy to learn, great way to play a quick game.

Fun game!

Simple fun strategy game. Could use some enhancing of the rules though.

Great simple game!

Great simple game!

Of all the apps this is my favorite.

I love this game and the strategy and mechanics.

Great game, but change rules

First, let me say that this is truly a fantastic game, and I would've happily bought it if it wasn't free. That said, I strongly think the rules need modifying, as jacob and mrbutters have noted. As it is, your only goal is to prevent the enemy from moving. The problem is that the AI doesn't understand this. The AI plays as though the goal is to collect squares. Thus, you can easily speed across the map and block its escape routes. In other words, once you understand the game it becomes *incredibly* easy to win against the AI. So you could fix the AI. Or even better... Change the rules. Te game should end when all squares on the board are filled. The squares are counted, and the player with the most squares wins. I hope you understand and note my suggestion Mr. Haynes. Thanks for your time, and good luck on Squares 2.

Great but change the rules

It's an incredibly enjoyable game but please PLEASE get rid of that stupid rule of last one who can move auto-wins. It's absolutely pointless an annoying. Would be 5 star otherwise

So fun and addicting!

It's great once you get good at it!

Best strategy yet

Great game! Lots of fun

Too easy!

It would be good if it had a better UI and configurable difficulty level.


Thank you Chris for making this game available for free. I would buy it just to help you with your development. I do not agree with current blogger #5 in the strategy of the game is twofold. I enjoy your game very much.

What's the point of board #79 (Pointy)?

Great aplication that I recommend to everyone, but the title expresses my concern...

Best game ever!!

I love playing is by far my most favorite app. Can't wait for squares 2

Addictively brilliant however...

A more smarter AI is NEEDED!!! & I agree on the other way of winning that every1 has posted about to be illiminated!!!! Asides from that..... I can't believe this is free!!! Thank you Chris Haynes Could use more boards though!!!


Incredibly addicting! I constantly come back for one more. And it free...

Very promising

By far the most addictive free game I've played on the iPhone to date. A rule change would make the game much better: Instead of simply declaring a loser by if a person can no longer move, auto-fill in the rest of the squares for the OTHER player at this point, and then see who wins by the final tally. There have been times when I lost simply because I filled up my empty space faster, even though I had 80% of the board in my color. The music is good for the first couple of minutes, but then gets slow and weird. Nice sound effects. Can't wait for squares 2.

the is awesome...

this is arguably one of the best games in the app store and one of my personal favorite apps on my touch.. but is there anyway we could get more colors???

My favorite!

I absolutely love this game; it's affixing and fun!

Good except

Awesome game. Problem being there is a strategy that allways wins against the computer and ends in a never ending game for two player. If you block off a blank square you can just move diagonally back and fourth untill there are no more moves for the other player. This way of winning needs to be eliminated.


Great game, and for free!

Make difficulties

Awesome game! Make difficulties cuz eventually it gets boring beating it all the time.

Free?! Do it!!! This game is always fun!

I Play it all the time, and it gets more and more fun each session. But is there a game like this on the internet?

Great game!!!!

1 problem. CPU is terrible! Make it harder or at least add different skill levels!


It's fun however it keeps freezing up on me during the game.

Best game ever

Please bring back this game. I play this every day. I was downloading the update, which was not available, then I thought let me delete what I have and download it again, only to find out that it is no longer available! I wish I did not delete. It was a great free game!

Pretty good

There Is a glitch when comp has one move to go when stuck on the map dit dut dit dut

Better ai please

AI cannot handle agressive play Win every game Fun 2player though Better ai would be 5 star

Good, but can be better

The game is cool as it is, but he should make it better by letting you make your own levels. That would make it awexome!

Simple, yet Amazing

This is an awesome game. The concept is very simple, but it was executed very well. Chris keeps the game up to date when bugs are reported. 2.0 doubled the featureset of the original version. Great game, and it's free. Excellent for those times when you are taking a dump, waiting at a bus stop, or wanting to look like you are doing something.

great game

3rd best board game ever inventef

Really Nice!

This game has good replay value. It is a solid 1 player game. ---Later updates should have different strenght scales for computer play. The multi-versions of the game board is a great feature.


This is not a lite version of squares so you need multiplayer online mode over wifi please

Favorite Game I have!

I've had the original iPhone and 3G. So I've had apps since they first came out. This is the only game i've had since it came out that I have not deleted. Extremely entertaining. Only wish I would have is a harder AI or being able to play others. Even just locally over Wi-fi. Other that that though I play this game nearly daily. Thanks for the great app!!!

Robbing lattice of the game...

This is a classic game comparison...

Very good game and it's free!

Very nice game I expect this to be on top 25 one day.


The latest version crashes everytime. Even after restart. Love the game but can't play it anymore. This on the 3G iPhone.

Music is back!

Thanks for listening! I'm glad to have the music back.

fun game!!

very fun and addicting!! I play it in all my free time. in my opinion there are not enough boards but it's still entertaining. also in the new update it crashes sometimes but overall I like it :)

One of the best free aps!

I love this because I can actually beat the computer. It reminds me of minesweeper. Music is kind of relaxing.


Very addictive! Slighty easy to beat and glitch here and there but it's permissible.


Great game just fix the new problem. When ai only has one stop left game crashes.


I really like this game but ever since the latest update (1.0.5) I've been having a glich. If the ai has only one square left and it moves diagonally into it, the game freezes.


This was my favorite game to play. U guys updated it so it wouldnt crash and it still crashes every time I have opened it. So I give it one star until u guys fix it and I can play it again.

1.0.5 released fixes crashing bug

The crashing bug is fixed and the backwards move thing only applies when you only have one move left. I hope this pleases you guys ;)

Great game, especially for free!

This has always been one of my favorite games but I don't like the new rule that prevents backward movement. Also, I think a difficulty setting for one player mode would be cool.

Great game

So far this is my favorite game app, and I have around 100 games

AI pretty weak

I liked this game initially, but the AI soon turned out to be easy to beat. 1.04 doesn't even load the game (returns you to the home screen for your iPod Touch when you select 1-player mode.) The AI may be improved, but you can't tell since it gives up and quits before it loads the screen. I like winning, but prefer to play to get the W rather than getting it on a forfeit by the app...

Very good

Deff a good game for something thats free. Its more challenging and fun now that it's been updated. There was a post update glitch though. When i got to the end of the game the AI had nowhere to go, i had 45 pieces on the board and the AI had 21, and it said "you lose". Other than that, good job man. Keep up the good work.


The two of you that gave this one star, please throw your iPhones away. There are IN GAME instructions. The game itself is fun, not perfect, but hey it's free!

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